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Community and Environment

Community Policy

Leyshon recognizes that consistent community engagement is an important requirement for a successful company and therefore aiming to promote strong relationships with the communities of which it is a part.

It is seeking to achieve maximum mutual benefit form these relationships by tailoring its programmes to meet reasonable community expectations and by being responsive to community needs.

Leyshon’s strategy for community engagement is to:

  • maintain open dialogue with the local community and other stakeholders
  • respond to communications from stakeholders
  • enhance the capacity of the local community
  • contribute to sustainable local social and economic development
  • inform local communities about changes to a programme or operation
  • plan for significant future events, such as closure of the operations
  • inform communities of the onset of environmental and social impacts
  • identify underestimated or unanticipated impacts as they arise
  • assist affected people in adapting to change; and
  • monitor the effectiveness of management initiatives and modify these where necessary to ensure optimum outcomes for all parties.

Environment Policy

Leyshon believes that promoting and maintaining high standards of environmental management, particularly in the conservation of natural resources, and the prevention of emissions to land air and water, is an integral part of its core business.

Leyshon considers the impact of its activities on the environment at all stages of operation, commencing with initial exploration and ceasing only when land has been reclaimed to a standard which meets the Company's and stakeholders' expectations.

The company is firmly committed to playing a responsible and sensitive role in the community in which it operates by protecting and enhancing the local environment. Enhanced environmental awareness of its employees, the design and management of measures that provide strong environmental protection, and robust procedures and monitoring principals will form a core part of Leyshon’s daily operations in China.

Specific elements for managing environmental compliance are modeled on the requirements of the International Standards Organisation under the provisions of AS/NZS ISO 14001.

Leyshon has set out generic guidelines, standards and procedures for environmental processes relating to all projects and associated activities. As appropriate each project will create a specific Environmental Management Plan (EMP) that complies with local Environmental Regulations and Chinese and International standards and develop procedures and protocols that ensure each site meets those requirements.


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